How to Become a SolidWorks Pro in Days (not years)

without boring practice, expensive training classes, or any pointless theory.


If you've ever wanted to learn SolidWorks by modeling incredible products in SolidWorks, you're in the right place.

Presented by Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn

Lead Product Designer & Founder of

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What You Will Discover In This Free SolidWorks Workshop With Jan...

  • The 4 secret ways to learn SolidWorks and why you actually need to know what they are and which is best for you to be successful.
  • The simple tricks that get people with no SolidWorks experience, no design or engineering experience, think they’re too old, and procrastinate too much to actually learn SolidWorks.
  • The 6 secret career hacks to become highly successful as a designer or engineer in days, to climb the career ladder much faster.
  • How Jan modeled a REAL $37.000.000 Superyacht in SolidWorks for a famous American tech entrepreneur and how you can get similar design projects as well.

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Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn

Meet Jan.

Hi, I’m Jan and I help regular people learn SolidWorks with the fastest online SolidWorks course.

It doesn’t need to take years to learn how to model (complex) products in SolidWorks. You don’t need to labor over boring theory. Learning SolidWorks can be faster, more fun, and easier than you thought.

Because I teach SolidWorks by modeling real products such as an incredible Aston Martin, a 108 ft. SuperYacht, an American Chopper, and even an entire Boeing 747-8!

Sound good?

Can’t wait to see you at the workshop!

Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn

Lead Product Designer & Founder of


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Would you like to model products like this in SolidWorks?

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If you've ever wanted to learn SolidWorks without traveling to a training location, you're in the right place!

Learn SolidWorks in a Fast and Fun Way by modeling INCREDIBLE products in SolidWorks.

This 90-minute workshop is completely FREE!


Yep! This is a pre-recorded training that you'll have INSTANT access to. You can start learning how to become a SolidWorks Pro right now. Why wait!?

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Disclaimer: This workshop is free. There will be a paid program offered at the end. You don't have to purchase the program in order to get value out of the workshop. Results are not guaranteed or typical. People who see results are the people who put in the work!