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SOLIDWORKS & CFD Formula 1 Course

In this step-by-step course (82 videos), you are going to bring your SOLIDWORKS & CFD skills to a professional level. Learn how to model a highly sophisticated Formula 1 car, make advanced CFD simulations, analyze the results, and optimize your designs for enhanced performance. Designed to transform novices and experienced SOLIDWORKS users into experts in the fastest way possible.

✔️ Become the SOLIDWORKS & CFD Pro companies are looking for
✔️ Learn to analyze and optimize the performance of your designs
✔️ Make more money thanks to your outstanding CAD & CFD skills
✔️ Open doors to exciting job prospects & new projects
✔️ Attain Certificates of Completion, showcasing your expertise
✔️ Save an enormous amount of time in learning SOLIDWORKS
✔️ Perfect for designers, all kinds of engineers, and Formula 1 fans
✔️ Skip years of self-study and climb the career ladder much faster

Level of difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate *****


Unleash your creativity 

Adobe Photoshop Handsketching Course

Turn your design ideas into stunning hand sketches. In this comprehensive video training course, you're going to discover how to create incredible hand sketches in Adobe Photoshop. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting out, this course provides the tools and techniques to take your sketching skills to new heights.

✔️ Create captivating mood boards
✔️ Gain a crystal-clear image of your design before modeling in 3D
✔️ Learn to quickly create dynamic idea sketches
✔️ Draw blueprint sketches that can be used in SOLIDWORKS
✔️ Sketch out design details for efficient communication purposes
✔️ Discover rendering techniques for adding depth and realism
✔️ Create polished presentational sketches that impress clients
✔️ Add a diverse range of sketching skills to your design repertoire
✔️ Includes 300 unique Photoshop brushes

Level of difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate *****

Current price €297,-

Adobe Photoshop Handsketching Course

The Ultimate SOLIDWORKS Beginner Course 

SOLIDWORKS American Chopper Course

Master the basics of SOLIDWORKS with this comprehensive training course. In this video training series (37 videos), students will embark on an exciting journey to model an entire American Chopper in SOLIDWORKS. Whether you're a novice or an experienced designer, this course equips you with the skills to bring your 3D modeling skills to a whole new level.

✔️ Learn the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS modeling

✔️ Discover how to customize the SOLIDWORKS user interface

✔️ Learn to add decals and appearances to your design

✔️ Dive into a real-world project for hands-on learning

✔️ Gain a clear understanding of making assemblies

✔️ Perfect for engineers, designers, and enthusiasts alike

✔️ Increases productivity by improving your workflow

✔️ Create a stunning 3D model to enrich your portfolio

Level of difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate *****

Current price €297,-

LearnSOLIDWORKS Chopper course

Elevate your skills to extraordinary heights 

SOLIDWORKS Boeing 747 Course

In this in-depth SOLIDWORKS video training course (42 videos), you will discover how to model an entire Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental in SOLIDWORKS. Discover the fascinating world of aircraft technology and advanced modeling in SOLIDWORKS. Learn how to organize your work and discover how to make a functional landing gear.

✔️ Learn the fundamentals of solid- and surface modeling
✔️ Gain intricate knowledge of airplane technology
✔️ Learn how to organize your SOLIDWORKS models
✔️ Discover how to add a livery to your design
✔️ Includes a 3D model of a hangar for rendering purposes
✔️ Create a functional landing gear
✔️ Perfect for aspiring aerospace engineers, designers & hobbyists
✔️ Turn your ideas into precise, professional-grade 3D models

Level of difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate *****

Current price €297,-

SOLIDWORKS Boeing 747 video training course

Step on board this surface modeling journey


Elevate your SOLIDWORKS skills with this surface modeling tutorial. In this comprehensive tutorial (20 eBooks), you will embark on an exciting journey to model a Sunseeker Predator 108 yacht in SOLIDWORKS. This tutorial caters to both beginners and experienced SOLIDWORKS users, providing a rich learning experience for all.

✔️ Learn the essentials of surface modeling in SOLIDWORKS
✔️ Gain intricate knowledge of yacht design in general
✔️ Turn your design ideas into precise, professional-grade models
✔️ Enhance your yacht designs with realistic decals & materials
✔️ Obtain an advanced surface modeling certificate of completion
✔️ Includes SOLIDWORKS McLaren MP4-12C, truck & trailer model
✔️ Perfect for aspiring (yacht) designers, engineers & enthusiasts
✔️ Official SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner product

Level of difficulty: Intermediate *****

Current price €297,-

SOLIDWORKS Yacht tutorial

Unleash Your Surface Modeling Skills

SOLIDWORKS Aston Martin Course

Boost your SOLIDWORKS skills with this advanced surface modeling tutorial. In this extensive tutorial (20 eBooks), you will discover how to model a stunning Aston Martin One-77 in SOLIDWORKS. This advanced car modeling tutorial caters to both intermediate and highly experienced SOLIDWORKS users with a stunning result that will blow everyone away.

✔️ Learn the intricacies of advanced surface modeling techniques
✔️ Gain expert knowledge of automotive design
✔️ Join the 0,1% of users who can model a sports car
✔️ Get promoted thanks to your outstanding modeling skills
✔️ Discover how this course can open doors to modeling anything
✔️ Uncover every surface modeling tool you can imagine
✔️ Get an unfair advantage over other CAD designers
✔️ Perfect for enthusiasts designers, engineers & James Bond fans

Level of difficulty: Intermediate / Expert *****

Current price €297,-

SOLIDWORKS Aston Martin car modeling tutorial

Become The Go-To Surface Modeling Expert

SOLIDWORKS Tesla Roadster Course

Become a real Master in advanced surface modeling with the most advanced SOLIDWORKS tutorial package (27 eBooks) on the market! Learn to create highly complex surfaces and curvature transitions by modeling a stunning Tesla Roadster. After completing this course, SOLIDWORKS will hold no secrets for you anymore.

✔️ Skip years of trial and error and take the fast lane to success
✔️ Elevate your surface modeling skills to exceptional heights
✔️ Connect with fellow students and professionals
✔️ Become an advanced surface modeling pro
✔️ Perfect for intermediate and experienced SOLIDWORKS users
✔️ Obtain an advanced surface modeling Certificate of Completion
✔️ Even Elon Musk will be impressed by your modeling skills...

Level of difficulty: Intermediate / Expert *****

Current price €297,-

SOLIDWORKS Tesla Roadster car modeling tutorial

Get access to a treasure trove of tutorials

SOLIDWORKS Design Library

The SOLIDWORKS Design Library covers over 30 eBooks and videos, guiding you through the process of modeling a wide range of everyday products in SOLIDWORKS. Picture items like AirPods, a soccer ball, a kitchen knife, a chair, a tennis ball, an Apple Magic Mouse, and much more. You don't need to go through them all—simply pick and choose what suits your needs.

✔️ Learn to model a wide range of ordinary products
✔️ Get lifetime access to this library of 30+ SOLIDWORKS eBooks
✔️ Gain a comprehensive understanding of SOLIDWORKS in general
✔️ Open doors to exciting projects in a wide range of industries
✔️ Gain the confidence to tackle intricate design challenges
✔️ Stay at the forefront of industry trends and technologies
✔️ Enrich your portfolio with all kinds of consumer products
✔️ Discover how to make ergonomic and user-friendly designs

Level of difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate *****

Current price €297, €297,-

SOLIDWORKS Design Library

Create jaw-dropping photorealistic renderings

SOLIDWORKS Render Course

In this comprehensive video course (11 videos), you will learn how to create stunning photorealistic renderings using PhotoView 360 and SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Gain the skills to showcase your SOLIDWORKS models most compellingly. After completing this hands-on rendering course, both you and your clients will be astounded by the breathtaking quality of your renderings.

✔️ Bring your designs to life with photorealistic renderings
✔️ Generating unlimited images for marketing purposes
✔️ Present your designs in the best way possible
✔️ A big help to replace expensive photoshoots
✔️ A valuable skill for accurate design evaluation
✔️ Easier to identify and address potential design issues
✔️ Enrich your portfolio with your stunning renderings
✔️ Including free portfolio templates to create a portfolio in minutes

Level of difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate *****

Current price €297, €297,-

SOLIDWORKS Rendering Course

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